What to say when you dont know what to say

Finding your special someone

You’ve decided it’ll be great to make some new friends and even find your special someone. But where to start?

You’ve checked out our cool social events, found our venue then what? Who am I looking for again? Then you see it on the table, not the King of the Jungle, but his younger-self Simba!

Big, Yellow, easy to spot. He marks the table of your new-found friends.

Just as Simba started small then grew into a mighty King loved by all; with your new-found social circle and confidence, you will too…So you’ve made it, you’ve found us to socialise and now what?

We’re all meeting at the same venue to make new friends but how do you actually talk to a stranger?

Again, Simba saves the day.You turn to the first person, “I’m glad the organiser made our table easy to find but what is up with that ridiculous lion?” – You naturally start the first conversation, then remembering another story you move onto the next.

“Have you seen any Disney or other movies lately?” Your conversation naturally rolls forward as you loosen up. And another chimes in “And Africa was the perfect setting for the Lion King, have you travelled much lately?” – You’re a natural conversationalist, all thanks to your new yellow pal.

The conversation dies down, it almost feels awkward but alas, “Lions are a beautiful animal, do you have any pets?” They show you the picture of their puppy and you show them a photo of yours. Of course yours is cuter but you’ve got so much in common.

Now you’re natural at talking, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long.

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So smile, take a breath and know you can do it.

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