When Its Time to Find Them

She handed me her watch and told me to change the battery. 

It had stopped and was little wonder why. 

Her watch was old, cheap, covered in gunk and far too big so it didn’t even suit the petite old lady. 

With a frail arm extended she handed it over, it was just another job.

The shopping centre was busy, it always is. Never ending shop faces are crammed with more sales and even more stock for more busy people.

Shoppers rushed past at a frantic pace that she didn’t seem to notice.  Completely still, the old lady smiled and announced “It’s my husbands.”

I looked left, right and back at her, she stood alone.

“He past 16 months ago, his watch reminds me of him.”
A sadness flickered across her face; I asked how long they’d been married for?

“Would you believe dear Tom and I met when I was 16. I remember talking about him to one of my girlfriends when he came and asked me to dance.”

“We were a proper team you know. He always helped around the house and never had to be asked.”

“What did he do for work?” I enquired.

“Well Tom was a production line manager but one day we started an art shop together and never looked back.”

“Tom always did enjoy painting. Beautiful paintings all over our house constantly remind me of our 57-year marriage, I just hope I can leave something as beautiful behind when I’m gone.”

I think the love from his wife is the most beautiful thing he left behind. Sometimes in our busy world it’s easy to forget that the things we do are far less important than the true connections we make.

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